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Weekly Recap #1 – 10/11/2019

Cross Country: No half times, no time outs, no substitutions. It must be the only true sport. 

Chuck Norris

Oh, readers, what’s occurring? The grind has continued for my running gains. Quite frankly, if they hadn’t then what exactly would be the point of even doing this blog post? None.

The Training

I’m going to list my training for the week, if you don’t care then feel free to skip this. Most runners will be secretive about their training like they know the special blend of herbs and spices to make their running bloody finger lickin’ good. Not me though, I’m hoping by me sharing what I’ve done it’ll give you ideas you can incorporate into your own training.

  • Monday – 12.4 miles chilled @ 6:54min/mile ave.
  • Tuesday (Bday 🎉) – 2.5 miles WU, 4x4mins (90s) 6x90s (60s) 6x30s (45s), 2.6 miles CD
  • Wednesday am – 3.2 miles easy @ 7:45min/mile ave, gym sesh, 30mins sauna
  • Wednesday pm – 8.2 miles steady @ 6:32min/mile ave
  • Thursday – 5.7 mile WU (got lost lol), 27.5min tempo (3min) 4x200m, 2.2 mile CD
  • Friday – Strength work, 30min sauna
  • Saturday – 1.5mile WU, CROSS COUNTRY RACE (I’ll go into more later!), 2.1mile CD
  • Sunday – 13miles ish probs @ 6:40min/mile (I’m writing this Saturday so idk yet)
  • Total: ≈74 miles

As this is the first recap I’ll explain some lingo so it doesn’t seem like hieroglyphics.

  1. The numeros in brackets are the rest times.
  2. min/mile is minutes per mile
  3. A mile is the alpha over the kilometre (or 1.61K ish)
  4. WU = warm up and CD = tunes provider

Lots of the work I’m doing at the moment is building my aerobic base. Even the 5K is around 90% aerobic so this is a key part of the training cycle. Lots of longer reps and steady/tempo work is to be expected. I may do a future post on the importance of this in a future post 👀.

Cross Country Race

Saturday saw me finally jump into the cross country season by making an appearance at the 2nd Hampshire League. Cross country is a disturbed idea of racing. Cross country compared to a normal road race is like comparing paint balling against a former SAS geezer with a NERF battle against your 10yr old brother. Saying I love cross would be a lie, I see it as a necessary evil to gain mental and physical strength 💪🏻so I do it.

Look at that moisture. That’s what my jawline has done to you 😉

The course at Sparsholt College was bad but it could have been a lot worse. Being a farming college meant that luckily for us the fields were well looked after. Rain was on the menu today for the weather and it must have been an all you can eat as the portion was unnecessarily big. Okay, that is an overstatement but the it could have been a very slippery one today.

I did what I have come to learn is my best XC racing strat, I hung back for the first mile and I picked off people, one by one, trying not to get overly excited. This paid off as some sadist stuck steps into the route and forced us to run up them twice. This allowed me to be stronger up Mount Stairs compared to my competitors as I had burned less of my matches. Having said that, my legs were so swimming in lactic at the summit I thought I could drown. But we plowed on (if you’ll pardon the pun).

I managed to pick people off, one after another, always focusing on the next guy in front of me. I was a predator and they were my prey. With a couple of miles left of the 5.4 mile course I found myself in 6th place, I could see 2 ahead but they had gapped me by a good 100m. There will be moments in races where you can sit back and consolidate, or you look at yourself, tell yourself to grow up and you press on. I closed them down, inch by inch. When I caught them I dug deep… I wanted to break them. I wanted them to not even think they should bother trying to stay with me. Whether this worked or they simply couldn’t keep pace, I left them behind. I finished that race in 4th, with company around me that a year ago wouldn’t have known I even existed. Hopefully, they do now.

Please type ‘F’ in the comments to pay your respects.

Bonus News

I have official been given a place into Telford 10K 😍This is the fastest 10K road race in the country so I’m hoping for a big one. I can feel a big one coming… I may just need the toilet though.

New creps too! They had been worn once and didn’t come with laces. But £160 RRP down to less than a quarter of that so canny complain

I think that’s all I’ve got for this week!

Lots of love,
Will xx

PS I’m in Budapest next week so expect some holiday snaps.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap #1 – 10/11/2019

  1. Well done, like the article as well. Yesterday was not the finest day for weather but certainly better than Yorkshire where you would have had to swim! Enjoy the break.


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