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Weekly Recap #2 – 17/11/2019

“Ez nem tűnik jól angolul

Hungarian Proverb

Szia Bryanators! I’m going to warn you now, I’ve been on holiday. I’m about to thrust loads of my pictures upon you. If you really don’t care I understand. I did a sublime piece on marathoning earlier in the week which I recommend you take a gander at if that’s the case 🙂

Mio Trainingo

Let’s get down to business then. This week has been a proper down week for mwah and I haven’t been training to the same intensity I normally do. If I didn’t rest after my large training block I was likely to write a Weekly Recap on my top injury recovery tips soon.

Monday – 10.9 miles Easy @ 7:01min/mile
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 11.4 miles Easy @ 7:04min/mile
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 12 miles Easy/Steady @ 6:50min/mile
Saturday – 13.8 miles Steady/Easy @ 6:27min/mile
Sunday – 11 miles @ 7:00min/mile probably

Total: 59.1 miles for the week. Sorry Ben and Jhon if my Sunday run isn’t corrected again this week.

Lots of the easy stuff isn’t it? I’m not worried about losing fitness, that’s a much longer process than you’d assume. You need to take these easy weeks to let yourself recover mentally and physically so you can go and smash the next block!

2 pints for £2.50, I felt rude not buying copious amounts 🍻

Running In Buda

Running through the city itself felt like I was doubling up my training with slalom skiing. Crossing roads was sketchy af but I didn’t want to waste my £18 travel insurance so being hit would be a big W. I did find a place though, a place where a runner could take refuge and run til they dropped – completely safe. This was Margret Island.

Even though the name would suggest it was a knitting and bingo club it was such a great place to run! It had a running track lane that ran round (if you’ll pardon the pun) the perimeter of the Island which is a smidge over 5K long. It is clearly a popular place with the locals to run in as you’d go from seeing no other runners and being stared at by onlookers like a freak (probs just me lol), to seeing swarms of us cardio nutters.

📸: James. B-E-A-Utiful shot of me

Was Buda a Vegan?

Coming to Budapest I assumed that Eastern Europeans would consider vegans to be the Eastleighians of Hungary. I thought vegan food was only going to be available on the black market and I’d need to secretly pick it up on a dark alleyway. But it was more readily available than a shag at Fab (which I never managed). I’m gonna list 3 of the places I chowed down in and rate each one out of 10 vegan seedlings (🌱).

Vegan L❤️ve

This is the first vegan place we ate in and oh my word. James and I weren’t ready! The sweet potato fries were ridonkulous, I’ve always found it difficult to get them crispy but these guys nailed it. A burger, sweet potato fries, homemade ketchup and green smoothie was around a tenner. It was actually the most expensive place we ate at but worth every HUF.

Hummus Bar

There’s lots of these kicking about. They seem to be popping up more frequently than a male adolescent with a steady WiFi access. It is fully deserved though, if you want a cheap place to go and have really high quality food then look no further than Hummus Bar. A falafel pitta, couscous salad (shared between 2) and a drink was £5.50 a person. It is only let down by it’s smaller selection than most places but still some solid options.

Édeni Vengán

If I’m honest we didn’t plan on eating here but there was no nearby option so we gave it a bash. We stumbled in and with such quaint decor I thought a soviet guard was going to ask to look at our papers. But with friendly service and a locals favourite feel to it we were pleasantly surprised. 3 flavoured falafels, a solid helping of Tofu ‘scrambled egg’ and of course a beerio it filled a gap and all for a smidge under a tenner. Bit expensive for the quality, however we felt like we were contributing to the local economy.

Notable Munchins – Las Vegan’s: Another peng burger place similar to Vegan Love and it’s all from a burger van. “My mouth keeps orgasming… I can’t stop salivating” James Bryan on Las Vegan’s . 🌱x8

Looking forward

With a place confirmed at Telford 10K on 8th December all training is going to be focused for that. The goal for that is going to be to continue my recent purple patch and try to run a 30:30 ish. I am going to need to be disciplined to do it but I’m ready to push til I bleed sweat.

Lots of love,
Will xx

For modelling enquiries HMU on insta x

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