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Weekly Recap #4 – 01/12/2019

“What is stronger, fear or hope?

Wance Armstrong

Whatever that EPO was you took Lance. Aloha ladies and gents, I hope we are all healthy and happy human beings today. Crack open that advent calendar and settle in for your favourite update of the week!

Willy’s Weekly Wunning

Monday – 10 miles easy @ 7:50min/mile, gym session, 30 min sauna.
Tuesday – 4.7 miles WU, 4x2K (2:10), 5x400m (60s), 3.2 miles CD.
Wednesday am – 4.1 miles easy @ 8:00min/mile, gym session, 30 min sauna.
Wednesday pm – 9.2 miles easy @ 7:16min/mile.
Thursday – 4.7 miles WU, 27.5 min tempo, 2x200m strides, 4 miles CD.
Friday – 1.1 miles easy @ 9:12min/mile, gym session, 30 min sauna.
Saturday – 10.5 miles steady @ 6:19min/mile.
Sunday – 16.1 miles long run @ 6:10min/mile.
Totals: 80.2 miles and 9hrs & 24 mins of running.

This has been my biggest mileage week ever (so far). I feel like my week has been dedicated to running. I have become a monk of running. I have not been sleeping enough which has hampered my recovery a tad, but that’s a weak excuse. This coming week should be relatively reduced so I can flood my legs with glycogeny goodness.

If you don’t get this meme template I am slightly disappointed

Wrathful World

Wight, I am the first to admit at times I run like a bit of prick. I back myself far too much, going for gaps whilst dodging people or cars that probably weren’t there. This seems to wind up the British public. So here are 3 tales of when I have caused annoyance. In my defence though I have a suspicion 2 of the people were on something *Gatlin’s ears prick up*.

Story 1 (Happened Tuesday)

A lady who we will call Karen (as she seemed like a bit of a Karen) clocked me running to up to the road to cross it. Karen decided the best course of action was to accelerate her car so I wouldn’t make it in time. I clocked that Karen had clocked me and was now clocking an increasing speed. Nobody challenges Will Bryan to a race, not even cars… “You f*cking d1cKh3ad!” 😂 In fairness, ummm, nah, that was partly my fault.

Story 2

Whilst in my first year of Birmingham I was tearing up the streets doing mile reps. On a recovery period I had obviously stopped outside one of Snoop Dogs parties. A yellow-eyed fella stormed out of his apartment block reeking of herbiness. “The fuq you looking at?¿?” wasn’t what I expected but was what I received. A bit wary of this geezer I checked to see where he was about ten seconds after his friendly greeting.

Yellow eyes was glaring at me and was now behind the wheel of a Bimmer. Uh oh, a BMW driver? Now I know he’s a douche. The tires screeched and he pulled up next to me. “If you look at me again, I’m gonna come out and batter you!” Not fancying having the fate of a cod at a chippy I decided to let it be and gave him some time to drive off.

Story 3 (Happened yesterday 😂)

Heading home during my steady run I decided to go down this slightly sketchy path that’s not well lit, downhill and currently covered in wet leaves. In an attempt to slow myself I was starting to foot slap the floor. This noise freaked out a hooded lad I was coming up behind who’d spun round and stared me down as I ran passed. I went passed and nodded to him in an apologetic manor (if there is such a thing).

*Thud* *thud* *thud*, I glanced round my shoulder, this guy was chasing me down 😂 I honestly wasn’t in the mood for this so I just stopped running, I had done enough racing in story 1. He was wide eyed, it felt like he had stared directly into my being as he came by. I decided to wait for him to disappear into the darkness before I set off again.

1 week to go until Telford…

On a final note, muchos congratulations to everyone who ran Victory 5 miles today some quick times today 🤙 Big shout out to my brother Boris who smashed the seemingly unrealistic goal I’d set for him. Hard work always triumphs.

Lots of love,

Will xx

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