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Telford 10K Race Recap 2019

“If you’re not willing to gamble, then leave the table.”

Oliver Bryan

So, unless you’re completely new to the blog (in which case helloooo 😘) then you’ll know that this Sunday was the big one! Bigger than ‘that’ fish you caught on ‘that’ fishing trip. Bigger than that guy you had a fight with, who knocked you clean out. Yet still not as big as the rumours you’ve heard about me, hehe. Anyways, here are the ins and outs, the ups and downs from the day!

La Course

The start is packed in tight, a lot of sweat from the pre-race warm-up is exchanged before the gun goes off. The first few hundred metres see you hurtle down a steep decline. Loads of men were willy-waving, sprinting down the hill and pushing people about. They blew up. The rest of the course is two big loops with a very gradual decline down towards Brookside and then a hard 180 back and then up and over the lake. The course is incredibly well sheltered, the only time you’d know about a hurricane is around the top of the loop.

Surprisingly one of the less deformed sperms from Telford.

Epic Performances

The course is fast. No, this course is THE fastest in the country. You’re more likely to get a PB here than an STD in Magaluf. This led to some very naughty times being run and luckily many were done by people I train with or know. I’ll list some of them down below:

  • Tom Drabble 30:02 (26s PB).
  • Orlando Corea 31:55 (17s PB… first in 7 years).
  • Joe Connors 31:58 (26s PB).
  • Rikki James 32:33 (3s PB and off the back of multiple injuries this year!)
  • Jim Davies 33:09 (31s PB).
  • Oliver Smith 34:00 (4s PB).

I could probably go on but there’s only so long I can keep your attention.

My Race

If the spoiler in the first picture didn’t tell you, then I ran 30:04! For me, that’s an official PB of 1:50 and it means I’ve trimmed off 3:03 this year. In other words, 2019 Will is a whole kilometre quicker than 2018 Will. This is still blowing my mind. The last time I was on a buzz this big I woke up in a puddle of urine.

Anyways, my main focus for the first mile was to stay calm. As I said the course is trying to tempt you to run way beyond your capabilities. After that first mile I started to focus on the job at hand, picking people off one by one. I was on a mission to run that sub 30:30. I went through 5K in 15:08. “7s”, I thought. “7s to the good.” This gave me breathing space and confidence as I didn’t feel like I was at the limit despite a 10s 5K PB. I ramped it up ever so slightly repeating to myself, “the race starts at 4 miles.” 4 miles hits and I hit harder. Now I knew it was on.

Why do I look better in running photos than in everyday life?

5 miles in and I had to make a choice. I could see that 30:30 barring a fall was in the bag. So, do I bank it or roll the dice and go balls to the wall to see what I’m made of? I kicked but now the lactic was eating me. “You’ve worked too f*cking hard to give up!” my mind screamed at me. I have promised to get tested for masochism. I saw the 200m to go sign and a wave of adrenaline flooded the system, I took about 5 guys in those final strides. 30:04. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Job DONE.

Now Christmas begins, I kept flirting with the mince pies pre-Telford but now I think it’s time to ask one for her number. I can’t add too much dough though as I’ve promised to pace Mr Brewin for a sub 32 10K on Boxing Day and the Hampshire XC Champs is now less than a month away. But until then I’ll take that Christmas Pudding with Bailey’s cream to go, please. Veganism may take a slight backseat for the moment 😂.

Lots of love,
Will xx

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