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Weekly Recap #5 – 15/12/2019

“If you’re going through hell keep going.”

Winston Churchill

IT’S TIME! Well, you know it’s time that’s why you’re here. You, my good friend, want to know all the juicy details of my week. You know what? As it’s you I’ll fill you in 😘.

Stuff ‘n’ Tings

Clearly after coming off cloud nine I forgot to bend my knees on impact. Crickey O’Reilly, I almost fell over getting out of bed on the Monday morning after the race Sunday 😂. Only on Thursday did my legs go back to their 85% rested state that’s considered my running normal.

Monday – 9 miles easy @ 8:29min/mile
Tuesday am – 4.4 miles easy @ 6:48min/mile
Tuesday pm – 8.2 miles ‘steady’ @ 6:32min/mile (Windier than a white man in Delhi).
Wednesday am – 10.9 miles easy @ 7:42min/mile, gym session, 30 min sauna
Wednesday pm – 2 miles easy @ 8:51min/mile
Thursday – 4.7 miles WU, 27.5 min tempo, 4X200m, 3.2 miles CD
Friday – 4.2 miles easy @ 8:00min/mile, gym session, 30 sauna
Saturday – 2 miles WU, 3x5min (90s) 10x90s (60s), 2 miles CD
Sunday – 14 miles long run @ 6:23min/mile
Totals: 77.6 miles in 9hrs and 14mins

I wanna go back already 😥.

Shoes With a Stiffy

If somehow you’ve managed to find this insignificant blog post but don’t know about the new carbon revolution, then basically people are now adding carbon plates to shoes. This extra layer is causing big discussions in the running world. All around the world, records are falling quicker than the Labour Party. They work by adding stiffness to the shoe meaning with every step more energy from the foots impact with the floor is returned as forward propulsion.

The New York Times recently published an article analysing the benefits of wearing these shoes. If the analysis is correct and these shoes are giving a massive advantage, then surely that raises questions? Is this ‘mechanical doping’? Is the wearers’ advantage unfair?

Not even the legend Haile can stay with the Kipster in his NEXT %.

Thoughts From Me

Nike are dominating the run scene at the moment. Nike athletes are spanking other athletes so hard that pornhub are looking to sign a deal. Some of the competitors athletes have even been seen trying to paint over Nike shoes to hide the fact they’re using them. I’ve heard of brands potentially losing their runners because they keep being battered in races by people they’d normally beat. BUT, I don’t think the advantage is unfair.

A legit Nike shoe that’s been covered to look like a New Balance. It’s real. Scroll up and you’ll realise I’m not THAT good at photo edits.

However you look at the numbers the Vaporflys are head and shoulders above the rest. The way Nike have innovated so much in a market that started to stagnate is very impressive. This is why their shoes are so much better! If you look at Adidas’ shoes over the last few years they’ve just pumping out the same thing over and over. They’re now literally being left behind.

Other brands though have now started to bring out their own versions now. Saucony are bringing out the Endorphin Pro, Brooks the Hyperion Elite and Hoka the Carbon X (already out) just to name a few. This is why I don’t think the advantage is unfair. It’s not like Nike are the only ones allowed to make carbon plated shoes. Other athletes will be able to use carbon shoes shortly and hopefully this will level the playing field once again.

Oh, and to those people complaining that the technology is helping athletes too much. Stop wearing shoes, any half decent running shoe is going to give you an advantage over being barefoot… except ONs. ONs are shit. Progress happens, the sport is going to evolve. The day I run a sub 2 marathon we can question if the shoes are helping, but until then let change happen I say.

Anyways that’s all from me this week, I’ve rambled enough 😂.

Lots of love,
Will xx

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