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Weekly Recap #7 – 29/12/2019

“The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides a champion from someone who is not a champion.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

So, how was your Christmas? I hope your family didn’t trigger you too badly! It’s currently that odd time of year between Christmas and New Year. You’re hungover from the masses of food and one or twelve too many beverages. Days of the week seem to melt into each other, which consequently meant I forgot to post on time, whoops 😂Something I didn’t forget to do was run my little socks off so let’s get to it!

Unfortunately, this image isn’t an understatement on reality :/

Turkey Trotting

Monday – 12.6 miles easy @ 7:09 min/mile, gym session, 30 min sauna.
Tuesday – 4.9 miles WU, 1mile (3min), 6x600m (85s), 4x200m (65s), 4.4 miles CD.
Wednesday – 12 miles easy/steady @ 6:50 min/mile.
Tuesday – 4.1 miles WU, Round The Lakes 10K, 2.3 miles CD.
Friday – 4.2 miles easy @ 8:20 min/mile, gym session, 30 min sauna.
Saturday – 2.1 miles WU, 8 x 4min (90s), 2.3 miles CD.
Sunday – 14 miles long run @ 7:01 min/mile.
Totals: 80.8 miles for the week all in the space of 9hrs and 18 mins

Second week in a row of over 80 miles, what have I become? It’s been helpful though for the damage limitation on the weight front. I’m feeling pretty fresh off the mileage and the hip isn’t any worse. Saturday 4th January is my County XC Champs, so I’m hoping next week is going to be a taper!

Round The Lakes 10K

Who the hell runs a 10K race on Boxing Day? Me apparently… with the feeling of a 7 month foetus developing in my stomach. Top tip, a whole Christmas cake is not good racing nutrition the day before. But luckily, the gestation period of my food baby was short and I managed to ‘give birth’ to it leading up to the race.

Anyways, shit jokes aside (if you’ll pardon the pun) the weather was horrendous. The small lake we had to lumber ourselves round looked like an angry sea and the rain constantly slapped you in the face, ugh. I was meant to be pacing Mr Brewin to a sub-32 10K but with a 2-7 offsuit that wasn’t happening. “Let’s just race it.” he said. I didn’t need a second invitation.

34 is Mr Brewin, he’s 33 years old. The wind was so bad it aged him 20 years.

The race consisted of 3 big laps around the boating lake in Poole and the surrounding park. I sat in for the first bit trying to split the leading group in my head between legit competitors and those taking a chance with the pace. It also gave me time to suss out the course and calculate where I’ll make my moves. 3:11, 3:30 for the first 2 K’s, we turned out of the wind so I made a slight surge at the front to slim the pack size down as the path we had to take was narrow. Someone at the front could catch me napping at the back of the pack and I wouldn’t be able to cover the move.

3:08, I drop back again, 3:18, 3:19, we hit the same section again and I hit the front, 3:09. Thanks to those couple of surges the pack was quite a bit smaller with only 5/6 of us trundling round at the front with 4K to go. Now, the waiting game began, 3 of the lads I was with I knew well. They are my training partners, all of which routinely spank me ( 😉 ) on the short reps. Going for a final sprint wouldn’t have been the smartest choice. My best option was to go from a long way out, turn on the gas and break them.

3:18, 3:19. “Right”, I thought, “Let’s gOooOO!” I started to pump my wee arms harder, the pace picked up, my breathing deeper and more purposeful. 3:01, I knew there were still two people just off me. Too close, I had gapped them but not by enough, I couldn’t start listening to the lactic pooling in my thighs. I dug myself deeper and pushed on. 400m to go I could sense I had almost done enough but I wasn’t going to slow down now so I sprinted like a mad man. 2:55, I had done it! Not my quickest time with 32:14 but, I’m very happy with how I did it. I was controlled and let loose when I needed to (and no I’m not talking about the pre-race 💩). It’s a confidence boost to win a race too 🎉

Anyways, as I said before I am now aiming for slightly less mad mileage as I taper for the Hants XC Champs. Anybody else got their counties champs this week? Also, I may actually do a Wednesday post this week so be sure to check it out 😘

Lots of love,
Will xx

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