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SAYSKY. But Why?

“You can’t hide in running and we all know that everything is earned in this sport…. Work for it. No miracles!”


Wagaun Bryanators (this is a thing now). Is the world really needing another running clothing brand? What can a new brand possibly offer that existing ones don’t already? I’m not only going to give you the answers conclusively, I’m going to do one better. I’m going to enlighten you. For once, I’m going to make you more excited to put clothes on rather than take them off.

If Carlsberg did motivational writing 🔥This gem came in my SAYSKY delivery

The Brand

SAYSKY was born in Copenhagen and bred with one mission. Their mission? “To create premium performance sportswear with an urban and casual attitude.” Lars C. Pedersen is the founder and a bit of a beast, he has qualified for the IRON MAN World Championships. He has created a brand that pushes the idea of “Unbounded Running Comradery”, that running is not a lonely sport and that we’re in this together.

Lars C. Pedersen. Dw it’s only a picture no need to bow

The Products

Okay, I know, I can feel you thinking it. Those shorts could be a wee bit shorter couldn’t they? If you’re like me and are gifted with the pee pee of an ancient greek statue you’ll be fine. Otherwise I suggest getting a hat for the little fella because you might fall out and get cold. Actually, I kid. I am a big fan of these even if I do feel like I am on show 99% of the time. ( RRP €54.)

Next up is the vest. If you want to turn up to an event ready to make a statement then this vest has you covered (if you’ll pardon the pun). Camo is most frequently seen in the military and the style will make you feel ready for battle. It is the lightest and most breathable vest I have. It is what GEOXⓇ is to the kids shoes market. ( RRP €50.)

Socks. You look at these socks and wonder, how could these socks be any better than any other socks? Then you double take, you look at these socks again and realise… Nah, they still look like, well, just socks? You’re not wrong, they’re not a game changer, you’ll put them on and forget about them. But that’s their key! They don’t need to be anything more than the thin and slightly cushiony soled boys that they are. “And thats all I have to say about that” – Forest Gump. (White – RRP €14.) (Grey – RRP €17.)

Where did the general keep his armies? Up his (SAYSKY) sleevies lol. I can be seen debuting them here and don’t I look handsome? They did what they said on the tin, they kept my arms warm in poor conditions. One downside I had with these is that it took me a while to adjust them properly. Before that they were slipping down more than my brother’s standards after beerios. ( RRP €24.)


I work in a running shop, I have access and discounts on every brand on this rock known as Earth. But, what do I currently wear? SAYSKY. The quality is comparable to that from the giants Nike and Adidas. But a top of the range vest from Nike is £60 not €54 and I’d challenge you to tell the difference. Having said that I am talking in pre-Brexit Britain, I don’t think it’ll be long before the Nike top is cheaper. Bloody Brexit.

Crikey look at that jacket. I’ve just failed NNN

What the other brands don’t have though is the image. None of the other brands have such a deep routed message that comes with every item of clothing. None of the other brands try to really push its consumers to be the best athletes they can. So, when you’re next looking for kit, why wouldn’t you choose SAYSKY?

Lots of love,
Will xx

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