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Sauna Training – 22/03/2020

Crickey, it feels like ages since I wrote one of these with all the stuff going on this week… If you read this blog back last year you would have seen I was doing a lot of sauna training. Now I am going to tell you why I bothered., was it for my running? Or did I just enjoy taking my kit off to show people my gainz?

Lactate & VO2 Tests – 14/03/2020

Greetings fellow comrades! Hope y’all are doing well 🙂 So, I’ve decided to blend the old ‘midweek post’ to the ‘weekly recap’, creating a delicious new cocktail. This hopefully means freshness to the content but also allows you to track my progress cos after all… I am hella important.

Aerobic Training

Anyone looking to succeed in middle or long-distance races needs to work their aerobic system hard. Why? Because a 5K race is metabolically around 90% aerobic whilst a marathon is about 99%! Now my lovely, whilst these numbers look exciting just knowing them isn’t gonna cut the mustard. All will be explained on how to capitalise.