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2020 – The Targets

“The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer.”

John Madden

NEW YEAR NEW ME!!! Ahaha no, I’m still going to be the sassy prick I’ve always been. But, one thing I am going to do is set myself some targets for what I WANT to run in 2020.

Let’s make last year look pathetic

The Goals

Some of you here are going to just want to see how cocky I am, hence why I am going to jump straight into the times I want. I also asked Mr Brewin (mentioned here) what he believed I could run and I’ll put his times in brackets next to my predictions. I will at least qualify the times by listing my current PB’s as of today (02/01/2020) 🙂

  • 1500m – Current: 4:02.85 2020: 3:58 (3:58)
  • 3000m – Current: 8:41.19 2020: 8:10 (8:20)
  • 5000m/5K – Current: 14:56 (2nd half of my 10K PB… yes I count it 😂)
    Goal: 14:20 (14:30)
  • 10000m/10K – Current: 30:04 2020: 29:45 (29:45)
  • 10M – Current: 50:33 2020: 49:30 (49:59)
  • HM – Current: 72:57 2020: 66:50 (66:30)

Again these are times I want to run. If I don’t make them and fall short at least I can say I’ve had a good crack. In my mind there’s no point going for weak targets. If I go for a soft target and make it then I’ve limited myself, do you think Kipchoge limits himself? #whatwouldkipchogedo. Brewin doubts me on the shorter distances, however he’s the same guy who said I wouldn’t go sub 53 for 10M and look what happened haha.

I am SEMI excited to try to run those times.

Plateau? Oh Hell No

There are a few reasons I really hope I am not going to be hitting a plateau this year. One big reason is the number of years I have been hustling, I am just coming up to 3 years. I mean it could be possible that I’ve peaked but I really hope not. It takes time to build aerobic strength. I’m talking years and years. So at 22 and 3 years in, if I’ve peaked I will genuinely cry.

I am moving to a redonkulous setup in Cardiff. The coaching I had in Southampton and Brum was very good, but in Brum I was never 101% committed and at Southampton the training group wasn’t as strong. I will be very much a lil fish in the Pacific in Cardiff so I’ll improve just by osmosis.

Mileage is another one. Yes I have been slogging bigger miles recently but my weekly average was 53 ish a week in 2019 vs 72 in December. Then in 2018 I think I only ran about 6 weeks above 50 miles. Higher mileage builds aerobic strength and as I’ve discussed here that’s muy importante.

Just a short one from me today to set out my intentions for the year. What do you think of those times, are they achievable or not? What do you guys reckon you’ll run this year? Lemme know in the comments or dm, odds are I know who you are 😂

Lots of love,
Will xx

2 thoughts on “2020 – The Targets

  1. You’re basically twice as quick as I am on all the short stuff 🤣 I’m not quite *that* slow for a half! Haha. I’ve got faith!


  2. You are not underestimating yourself. You are not being unrealistic either.
    This is just the beginning Whippet.
    All achievable targets.
    I think you will meet them!
    Living with you I get to see a side of you that inspires me and strengthens my belief in your capperbilities.
    Definetly this one.


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