Weekly Recap #10 – 19/01/2020

Mae tegell yn ferwi and ty’n barod.

Welsh Proverb

If the big red dragon and proverb weren’t enough of a clue then I have upped sticks and moved to Cardiff! This and laziness are the reasons for 0 midweek posts. If you want to fight me then go for it, I’ll set my complimentary sheep I was given on you.

This is Owain Hughes, the sheep. Before you ask, no he doesn’t 🐑

Q. Did I Manage a Run This Week?

A. No.

Monday – 1 hour bike easy, strength work, 30 mins bike.
Tuesday – 1 hour bike steady.
Wednesday – 20 min bike easy, strength work, 10 mins airdyne bike test.
Thursday – 30 min bike WU, 10x( 30s hard, 90s steady) airdyne bike 🤢, 30min bike CD.
Friday – 1 hour bike easy.
Saturday – 30 min bike WU, 10x( 30s hard, 90s steady) airdyne bike, 30min bike CD.
Sunday – Bike ‘Long Run’, 1 hour 43 mins.
Totals: 8 hours 25 mins and 1 sore arse

Right so, reading my blog post from last week I may have said something about not going to a physio straight away. Well with a large amount of minor peer pressure I went to one and it ain’t looking good for my short term goals 🙃

<— Hip flexors. You can be the judge how I “overworked” the muscles around my pelvis.

I have “majorly strained” my hip flexors basically by doing a lot of big boy miles recently. I took a gamble, did a lot of miles to get me really fit for earlier races and I have paid the price. I have no regrets though, I am still buzzing to have run the times I did 🙂 Anyways, I am under orders to be doing lots of strength and stretching work to try and sort them out.

No running for the next 2 weeks is what I have been told and then hopefully I’ll be on the comeback trail. Unfortunatley this rules me out for Farnborough Half and Chichester 10K but whatyagonnado? 🤷‍♂️There will be other races, my next aim is to be ready for the summer.

Comeback Formula (Short Term Anyways)

My main focus now… cling on to my aerobic base as much as possible. I have worked goddamn hard to get it to where it is, so I’ll be damned if I let it go. This means hours on the exercise bike grinding away so I don’t lose too much of it.

Next, is to use the hell of a machine Hitler had developed as a torture device but abandoned for being too cruel…. the airdyne bike.

Ladies and gents, the airdyne bike. Apparently it might give me some arms too.

This bitch will get your heart racing faster than fat Will after he’s heard mum shout “dinners ready!” There aren’t many cardio machines where you’ll completely fatigue your whole body like this bad boy. It’s going to have to be my go-to to replace the sessions I am missing.

Next is going to have to be strength work. 3 times a week I going to trying my hips strong. If hips could have a 6 pack mine would have 8. Side leg raises, single leg bridges, single leg deadlifts, I’ll be smashing them all.

Finally, foam rolling and stretching my hips. My hips have never had so much TLC but that what’s got me into this mess. It’s all a learning curve and with every injury you learn your weakness, but what sets people apart is, do you make it a strength?

If anyone has any good airdyne/exercise bike workouts that are going to help keep me in shape I’d be grateful to hear them. Otherwise, peace out y’all.

Lots of love,
Will xx

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