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Weekly Recap #9 – 12/01/2020

“The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.”

Les Brown

Right you lot, I’m about to make your weekend even better. I am going to give you the gift of my blog post. I know it’s okay, I can feel how grateful you are for it from here and I understand fully. Sometimes I wish I was you. I want to experience what you do when a new post is out. Now, I’m done sounding like a twat, let’s crack on!

My trusty steed for this week and probably some of next 🐎

Did I run?

Ummmmmm, no. Well not yet, I am going to try a little yog this evening but that will be my first run this week. Why? My hip, but again why, what could IT B? My IT Band (lol, acually no lol it is hurty :/ ). To try to prevent some fitness loss I have done cross training and strength work.

Monday – 1 hour steady Watt Bike, Strength Work, 30 min easy Watt Bike, 30 min sauna
Tuesday – 20 min easy Watt Bike, 10 x ( 2min steady, 1min hard), 20 min easy, 30 min sauna
Wednesday – Will Brewin 40K in an hour challenge…, 30 min sauna
Thursday – 1 hour easy Watt Bike, Strength Work
Friday – REST
Saturday – REST
Sunday – 4 miles @ 8:30 min/mile (fingers crossed)
Total Time: 5hrs 15mins

Bit pissed about it because I was in the shape of my life. The pain wasn’t horrendous when I stopped running, but enough to make me want to take a break. TAKE. THE. POSITIVES. It gives me focus to improve my weaknesses and I will come out of it stronger. Also, a bit of time out of the sport means I can be reminded of how much I want it.

I want it a lot 💪🏻

Regeneration Tips

So you’re like me and you’ve fucked something. We try to prevent injuries as much as we can, upping mileage slowly, warming up and down properly etc. But… “Oh crap, I’ve been snipered” shoots through our head as your body suddenly hurts. The cycle of denial, then acceptance has run its course (if you’ll pardon the pun) and you now want to get back on the road to greatness. Here are some of my (generic) tips for getting back to having a max health bar.

Google It

I’m poor and you’re probably not swimming in it. So going to a physio isn’t my first port of call for trying to fix an issue. (If you’re rich a physio is a better option though.) I do a lot of research into different issue it could be. This is done by looking at muscle groupings, where and what the pain is (sharp or dull) and also looking back at training to see what could have caused it (a knock, upped milage etc).

Be careful though, even though Google is a wealth of knowledge there is some shite out there. Lot’s of resources aren’t valid or going to tell you BS. I remember my brother being told by a family member that he might have a brain tumour because they Googled the symptoms (he doesn’t, he’s just thick).


I hate this one. Resting is shit. I now have too much spare time to be thinking about the running I could be doing and am now not. Yet, I know it’s essential to allow my body to get better. I’d much prefer to take a week off running now then have to take a month off later.

The amount of time off will clearly depend on many different factors. But, if anything is hurting during day to day living don’t run. If thats calmed down, I will give myself a day off for luck. Then even after that I will come back slowly, low mileage and V.easy. IF IT HURTS THOUGH YOU STOP.


Stretch and Strengthen

You know what’s wrong and undoubtably you have a lot more spare time on your hands. Unlike a teenage boy who will just go and have “extra long showers”, you can be productive. There will be underlining reasons why you got injured, like in my case weak hips. With simple searches you can find stretches and exercise you can do to help the area recover and also prevent it occurring again!

That’s all from me this week and hopefully I can do a bit of running now
Lots of love,
Will xx

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