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Great South Run 2021

“Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just illusions.”

Michael Johnson

Ello ello, how are we all doing? Did you know I ran the Great South Run? I think I did a very good job of keeping it quiet 😉 First it was Greggsland a few weeks back and now it was time to tackle the Navy Capital of England. Ironically with it’s navy links my naval wasn’t the orifice I was concerned about. Bad joke cracked, now let’s crack (that’s the orifice area btw) on with the blog

Wanted to make a collage of things the south is famous for like I did the north but couldn’t find a pic of casual racism


Look, I know this is what I did for the GNR blog but I liked it, okay? 39 days is what we had to play with after the Northern race. Now factor in the utter lung death that occurred post GNR and then a taper into the race… every step counted! And yeah like before if you want to skip straight the race bit I won’t be offended x

Track Session: 5x(1K float, 2K Hard) + 1K float

(22/09 – 25 days out) It’s a 10 Mile race so it makes complete sense to do a 10 Mile session 🙃 Can’t wait to do marathon one day. It was also coach’s bday and being poor I couldn’t buy him a decent gift with the moolah so a decent session was needed. Plus he’d dragged his ass down for it too, no pressure.

Target Paces: 3:30/KM float, 3:05/KM (6:10 per rep) Hard. I had fully learned my lesson from the fartlek for GNR. Willy B wasn’t going to fly out the blocks like a nutter was he… was he? Yeah so being the prize pecan I went off quicker than the target pace. I could see the horror forming on Steveo’s face looking at the splits. Even a touch out and I’m 6ft under. But somehow, I dunno which god was looking upon me that day, but somehow I held it. Horror turned to happiness

Floats – 3:29, 3:29, 3:29, 3:30, 3:30, 3:25
Hards – 6:04, 6:07, 6:08, 6:03, 6:04

Track Session: 2x(2K [90″], 4x300m [60″]) [90″], 2K

(30/09 – 17 days out) Less than 3 weeks to go, wouldn’t it nice if I nailed every session from now on? Yes, but life doesn’t work like that. It was starting to get dark at this time in the evening before the session, I was tired, it was wet and I really didn’t want to be there. None of me wanted to run really. Everyone has days like this and sometimes you just have to suck it up and do your job. The session also went to pot, nowhere near the paces… unless you’re at risk of injury or major fatigue you get it done. It’s the only way; these are the days that count. Shout out to Jim for turning up in that grimness to shout us round.

2Ks – 6:16.7, 6:18.0, 6:12.5
300m – 52.5, 51.2, 52.0, 51.2, 51.8, 51.3, 50.3, 50.1

Teed up for such an easy moist joke but I know my grandparents read this.


Strength is a literal weakness of mine. The biggest thing I’ve had to lift is my head after GNR (which in fairness was pretty big). If I had to fight a Granny for the last Waitrose “Essential” Rhubarb Fool (yes it’s a thing) I’d be going puddingless. Mike Chambers helped me start changing this and taught me the ways of the deadlift, dumbbell bench press and split squat just to name a few. I am no Arnie but we’re getting there 🙂

I’ll let your imagination guess the meaty weights 😂

The Race


Right, the day before the race. The day you’re remembering all the work you put in to make you an Adonis version of yourself. You’re thinking about all the things that motivate you. For most it would be finish times, others maybe charity fundraising, some it’s simply seeing the finish line that has been goal! All respectable motivators. For me it was this..

Hold my oatly latte, let’s get me some money for bagels and a device to make them… crispy 🔥

Such a genuinely nice bloke this one! Spent ages talking to me at the number collection and never made me feel like I was wasting his time 🙂 Such an honour


30s to go, the fuse of the mental fireworks for the beginning is lit. I get ready for a fight. 10s to go, I close my eyes and draw in a deep salty breath of the wind blowing from the sea. Time slows. 3s, I lean forwards ready to start the watch. 2, 1, GO! …the fireworks don’t though (and neither does the watch lol). We’re rolling but it doesn’t feel particularly quick. We come up to the first mile mark and I glance at my wrist to see the time. The watch homepage looks back at me. Lucky the front car had the running time on it. Game plan, stick at the front whilst it’s sensible, then empty the tank when the fuse runs out and the explosion goes off.

5K split 15:18. Not yet… 4miles, not quite. Boom 💥 Just before 5miles (I think) Rowe’s and Cairess’ jet engines ignite. It was ungodly. Us 4 remaining boys pick up the pace in response but nothing like the other 2. 10K split 30:41, even with the pick up the last 5 was slower. The front car slowly goes out of sight so running to feel was the game now. The feeling wasn’t great either. I’ve heard of turning the screw, and it turns out it was twisting into my stomach. It lodged in deeper as the classic southsea squall livened up. Jarvis goes next and Thommo tries but it’s not decisive. I can’t let this gap grow, I won’t let it. It didn’t. I pin him at a 20m differential. 15K spilt 45:43, that’s a galey 15:02 previous 5 which explains the screw. I can sense the legs buckling now going into the final stages. I see the clock just tick past 49 as I finish which is a shame. But ladies and gentlemen…


Insane in the membrane. Insane in the brain! When Cypress Hill crafted those fine words little did they know they are perfect to describe the support I received on the day! So many people shouted my name on way round and it I was such an adrenaline kick every time! Don’t even get me started on the overwhelming amount of lovely messages I received too, the blog is already getting too long 🙂 I’m just so pleased I can make some very important people proud. It makes it all worth it 🥰

Next major station on this crazy train ride is Telford 10K on 12/12 🔥 There’s some little village ones on the way Dw, just not “leg shave worthy” class in my eyes 😉

As ever, if you did enjoy this blog I’d be delighted if you shared it for me. No obligations but it would make my day! Also, if you want to see some larger than life hamstrings give the insta a follow too!

Lots of love,

Will xx

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